Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Favorite Things: Alcohol Detoxification Programs

Although living with folks who have an alcohol addiction is never easy, there is help available. My favorite things about alcohol detox programs:

1. recovery from any brain damage that may have transpired during the period of addiction

2. lab tests that can determine the level of alcohol addiction

3. residential treatment available to remove one from addicting situations

4. close monitoring of withdrawal symptoms

5. medical treatment available if withdrawal symptoms are severe

6. one on one counseling available to help identify destructive situations

7. one on one counseling helps to set goals to overcome addiction

8. group counseling available for support and encouragement

9. aftercare treatment and support available after finishing the detox program

10. living an alcohol free lifestyle

For more information, check out resources like Mozdex’s “The Basics of Alcohol Detoxification”.

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