Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Disclosure Policy

Well, I just noticed after all this time that this blog does not have a disclosure policy. I like to have one and rather than go out and find one to copy and paste here, I'll let this post serve as my own personal disclosure policy. Here are a few of my favorite reasons to have a personal disclosure policy:

1. it lets the reader know that some of the posts I make are actually paid for by sponsors

2. it lets the reader know that I am going to be "up front" about posting ads throughout my blog, letting you know that I will only post my own opinion of the product, service or website, even if I am paid to write about it

3. it keeps me from having to post a disclaimer each time, and serves as a once and forever statement that I do write sponsored posts

4. making it personal is more fun than just a copy and pasted version

5. I think it's only fair

6. I don't like when I read through a blog and don't know that there will be ads throughout

7. it's fast and easier than having to look up stuff

8. it's my own words

9. it's free

10. it's done!