Sunday, July 27, 2008

Repair Pal Directory

Our main car has nearly 200,000 miles on it! This is good, but it can also mean that at any time I might need to find a car repair shop . Now this is easier than ever with the RepairPal directory. Here are a few of my favorite things:

1. easy

2. Are you looking for a San Francisco car repair shop? Simply type in your zip code to find one!

3. find local repair shops with no hassle

4. read ratings and reviews on local repair shops

5. get car repair estimates on what the repair should cost

6. play the auto quiz

7. independent and unbiased information

8. find Toyota repair

9. use the auto repair encyclopdia

10. free!

2 comments: said...

Have a look at Our service will generate an accurate estimate (No ranges) giving you the exact labor time with average labor rates in your area calculated from a 65K record repair facility. Our service also lists out the exact OEM Part # & Price. Our system uses MOTOR Information Systems Parts & Labor data, the same data used by a majority of repair facilities in the US.

car crazy said...

the repair pal site lacks personality. the stupid cartoons and the primary colors are big turn offs. it looks like it was made for babies.

repairpal is like a neanderthal of the estimate sites. bad UI design, bad flow.

it's too bad they don't allow you to just type in the problems with the car like the tax programs. instead it assumes you already went to a mechanic.

if you had that many repairs to open up an account, then i think it's time for a new car!

some other sites: