Monday, July 30, 2007

technorati claim

I am just now claiming my blogs on Technorati. Yes, a little slow but better late than never. Here are a few of my favorite things:

1. raising my traffic

2. making my blog more visible

3. it is the right thing to do

4. it's free

5. it's easy

6. they walk you through the process

7. it's quick

8. hopefully it will make me more popular

9. it will release spiders to check out my blog

10. they provide the link I need here Technorati Profile

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Friday, July 27, 2007

On Board Activities

While on our cruise ship, many folks may think we would be board, since we don't drink or gamble. But there were many other things to do while at sea. Here are a few of my favorite things:

1. walk/run the track

2. attend free exercise classes

3. swim

4. read

5. nap

6. volleyball tournament

7. walk around the ship

8. see the shows

9. demonstrations

10. spend time alone with my husband

Joe Scruggs Songs

When my youngest sister was little, she used to listen to tapes of Joe Scruggs. When I had my own kids, we were sure to buy these same tapes. They are full of great kids' songs. We were even lucky enough to see Joe in concert in our town! Now, I just purchased three CD's of Joe's for gifts. Here are a few of my favorite of Joe's songs:

1. Oh By The Way

2. Abracadabra

3. I'm too Full For Broccoli

3. Deep in the Jungle

4. Rock and Roll MacDonald

5. School Glue

6. Big Toe Truck

7. Skateboard

8. Take a Nap

9. The People in the Car

10. This Little Piggy

Look Alike Sunglasses

Merchandizeliquidators has many great products to offer the store owner or wholesaler. One of these great products is look alike sunglasses. Here are a few of my favorite things about these:

1. you can find wholesale look alike sunglasses at less than wholesale prices

2. these great sunglasses all have 400 UV protection

3. they are the lastest styles

4. fashioned after name brands like Gucci, Versace, and Christian Dior

5. these sunglasses are great for T-shirt stores, flea markets, other store owners and wholesalers

6. with this wholesale sunglasses liquidators , you get a great product at a great price

7. at $25 per dozen this is a great deal

8. 20 dozen minimum order required

9. order online or call directly

10. all merchandise new and current and imported once a month

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rhapsody Crew Members

I wanted to share a few of my favorite crew members on board the Rhapsody. I was continually amazed at their energy level, their bright smiles and their never ending "pleasure" to serve. They were all truly an amazing crew and I really enjoyed my stay. They all deserve kudos. Here are a few of my favorites, who I had the chance to interact with (some to a limited degree):

1. Eric-the cruise director was a real high energy guy who really kept everyone's excitement going up until the last moment of the cruise. He was great!

2. Duncan-this is the really cute kid in charge of the rock climbing wall and the walk a mile activity. I had the pleasure to encounter Duncan almost every day. He was a very nice young man, and called me by name every time we interacted. What a doll!

3. Lilliana-our stateroom attendant. She kept everything just right for us and was a real sweetheart. We encountered her constantly keeping care of everyone in our wing and she was always wearing the biggest smile. Thanks Lilliana!

4. our table waiter-He is a very nice young man from Bali. Unfortunately, I cannot pronounce or spell his name. He was eager to serve and always aware of what we wanted to eat and had it ready to bring to us. We appreciate all the great service!

5. Adam-our assistant waiter. Another young man with a happy, and cute personality. This was his first trip and he did a fine job. He was always ready and willing to bring whatever we wanted, always had a joke up his sleeve, and stopped to talk to us when he was serving in the casual dining area as well. Great job, Adam!

6. Claire-This gal rocks! She is the on board trainer and kept us from gaining too much weight (we tried though!) She provided many free exercise classes and really worked us out during these times. You go girl!

7. Larry-I only encountered this waiter one morning at breakfast. He looked at me funny when I ordered some orange slices to go with my eggs benedict. But he brought me a whole plate full-of which I ate every one! Thank you Larry!

8. Vladimir-The same morning, he served with Larry. He took care of getting me my herbal tea. Just what I needed!

9. Zach-this guy is the one who provided much of the nightly entertainment. He was the MC for the game shows, did the tech work for karaoke, and kept tabs on the Love and Marriage game. Another high energy, fun loving crew member who helped us all have a great time!

10. Captain Anders-he did a great job on our trip. We did not feel much rocking of the boat. We got to many of our ports ahead of schedule. He was always good about communicating with us. Sadly, Captain Anders had to leave us on the second to last day of the trip. We had another good captain come to bring us home, but we missed the great communication Capt. Anders had with us. Thank you, Captain Anders!

The Rhapsody of the Seas

Having just returned from a seven night cruise on the Rhapsody of the Seas, and wishing I was still living the high life of fantasy on the seas, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things about this ship. Later this year, this ship is being moved to Asia, so if you want to enjoy it from the US, you better hurry!

1. The elegance of design

2. The Broadway Melodies Theater

3. The Edelweiss Dining Room

4. The jogging track

5. The exercise classes

6. The FOOD!

7. The stateroom and the view

8. Earning ShipShape dollars

9. The fun activities

10. The wonderful crew members

Emerge Skin Care

Emerge Skin Care is an excellent source for a complete range of skin care products. There are many things to love about this skin care company. Here are a few of favorite things about it:

1. Founded by dermatologists and chemists

2. Offer a complete range of skin care products: face, body, sun care, and men's skin care

3. They aim to give you cleaner, brighter, smoother skin upon the first application

4. Used as directed alleviates redness and other side effects

5. Formulated to address major skin concerns

6. Keys to their success include quality and value

7. Cleansers, Toners, and Exfoliators

8. Therapeutic products

9. Done away with paper catalogs and have gone 100% internet and toll free phone based, saving 15,000 pounds of paper and many trees

10. FREE mini samples

Monday, July 23, 2007

Orlando Escape

My family had a wonderful escape to Orlando, Florida the December of 2002. Since then, we have been planning on our next trip to this magical city. We have our sights set on 2008. Here are a few of my favorite little known facts about the city:

1.According to Carlson Wagonlit Travel's 2006 Travel Trends Survey, Orlando is the second most popular domestic travel destination in the country (Las Vegas placed first).

2.Out of the estimated 50 million tourists who visit Orlando each year, over 2 million are international visitors, with the majority of foreign tourists coming from the United Kingdom.

3.There are now 20,000 to 25,000 rental properties in Central Florida, mostly located near the theme parks.

4.The official nickname of the city of Orlando is “The City Beautiful,” although it is also known as “O-Town.”

5.Ever wonder why there are so many Olive Gardens and Red Lobsters in town? Orlando is the corporate headquarters of Darden Restaurants, which also runs the Bahama Breeze, Smokey Bones, and Seasons 52 restaurants.

6.Even though few people outside of Florida knew where Orlando was before Walt Disney World opened in 1971, the city of Orlando had been around for more than century before that; it was incorporated in 1875.

7.Orlando is the county seat of Orange County, Florida, although the vast citrus groves for which the county was named no longer exist.

8.Before there was Disney, there was also a considerable amount of cattle ranching in Central Florida; you can still see cattle grazing along certain stretches of the 417 GreeneWay Expressway.

9.Although many of Orlando’s citizens (especially the most famous ones) are originally from somewhere else, there are a few celebrities who were born and raised in Orlando, including Wayne Brady and Delta Burke.

10.Beat generation icon Jack Kerouac lived in the College Park neighborhood of Orlando during the time his novel On the Road was published in 1957.

The folks at can tell you even more!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Montucky has been a favorite blogger of mine for some time. Lately he has gotten a new camera and a renewed desire to hike around photographing his area to share with those of us less fortunate to live anywhere else besides Montana. Here are a few of my favorite things about his blog:

1. so nice to talk to

2. always has an encouraging word

3. His pictures are always beautiful

4. You are always surprised by what he will photograph next

5. a true, down home way about him

6. he has hiked around 700 miles this year

7. he loves his world and wants to share that love with us

8. he wants to help protect his world and is doing something about it by sharing that with us

9. fascinating things are always showing up in his blog

10. very educational-a virtual field trip

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Blog Sire has been one of my favorite bloggers for a while now. I met him last year on a now defunct site, but have been able to keep up with him through his other blog. Here are a few reasons why he is one of my favorites:

1. he is super friendly to everyone

2. witty and is always good for a laugh

3. he really has a knack for blogging the money way

4. he is always ready to share a tip for others to make a few bucks on their blog

5. he has great ideas

6. he is always ready for fun

7. no holds barred with BlogSire!

8. he always has something interesting in his blog

9. he has helped me get things straight with my blogs

10. though he may be the BlogSire, he still has time for us lowly bloggers!

Online University Podcasts

Because Podcasting is such a great way to reach folks today, Capella University has lately begun podcasting interviews with students who are currently attending their online university. Here are a few of my favorite things about these podcasts:

1. They are brief-only 15 minutes, making it possible to listen to in a short break of time

2. They are relevant for people wanting to learn more about online courses

3. Regularly updated, getting different students’ perspectives

4. Available through the Capella University website

5. You can subscribe to the podcast RSS feed

6. They are available through iTunes

7. Recent interviews include a program manager for the Joint Staff Training Program at the Pentagon and a family physician with her eye on becoming U.S. Surgeon General

8. Interesting to get a first person point of view

9. Learn about the University’s online education and what it means for people today

10. Learn how to earn an online degree

Thank you for reading this sponsered post.

Recent Books I've Read

Yes, I love to read. Lately my sis has been keeping an updated blog each month of what she reads. So as not to be bested by her, I've been trying to keep track of all my reading. Here are some of my favorite recent reads:

1. Psalms

2. The Moon by Night

3. Reader's Digest

4. Bladerunner

5. Murder on the Orient Express

6. The Historian

7. Ella Minnow Pea

8. The Heart of a Lion

9. I've started The Story

10. Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Water Aerobics

At the beginning of July, I joined a water aerobics class at our city pool. I love it! Here are a few of my favorite things:

1. working out in the water keeps you cooler

2. natural resisitance

3. no joint pain

4. fun

5. easy

6. cheap

7. doesn't feel like a work out

8. feels good

9. total body workout

10. I can really feel the effects

Orlanda Attraction Tickets

If you want to go to Orlando (like we do next year) there is a great place online to get your area attraction tickets. I love being able to shop online and getting great discounts. This place offers both! Here are a few of my favorite things:

1. the convenience of online shopping

2. discount price guarantee

3. buy Walt Disney World Tickets

4. buy Universal Studios Tickets

5. buy Sea World Tickets

6. largest discount ticket store in Florida

7. member of Better Business Bureau

8. convenient location

9. toll free phone number

10. no hidden fees

shopping spree

Ok, I admit, I've been shopping for new items for our upcoming cruise trip. I have spent a couple of different days trying to get things ready. Here are a few of my favorite purchases:

1. light blue side sling back pack

2. big white floppy hat with embroidered turquoise flowers

3. khaki shorts

4. dark brown shorts

5. Columbia brand cargo shorts

6. Nike dri fit polo shirt

7. sleeveless printed blouse

8. navy blue board shorts

9. hot pink board shorts

10. $2 and $3 dollar (nice) T shirts

Pampered Chef tools

I love my Pampered Chef kitchen tools. So do many of my friends. They are well made products that make working in the kitchen a little easier. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. pizza baking stone

2. rectangular baking stone

3. skinny scraper

4. chopper

5. classic scraper

6. bamboo tongs

7. paring knife

8. square griddle

9. classic batter bowl

10. micro cooker

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sports Credit Card Offers

Choosing a credit card can often be confusing. Now has made the work a little easier. Here are a few of my favorite things:

1. The exciting new designs, including the sports credit card offers

2. One of the longest running credit card search engines on the internet

3. Compare credit cards to find which is right for you

4. Anyone from business owners to students can shop for, compare and apply for a credit card online

5. Search for cards with rewards offers

6. Look for credit cards with low interest and APR rates

7. Find a card for those with bad credit

8. Search for cards from top issuers like J.P. Morgan Chase, Citibank, Bank of America,

9. Find leading brands such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover

10. Free, easy and convenient

Thank you for reading this sponsered post.

Monday, July 9, 2007


Next week we are leaving to take a cruise, our very first. My husband and I will be celebrating our 20 anniversary. I am really looking forward to this. Here are a few of my favorite things I am looking forward to:

1. a vacation with my husband

2. a CRUISE!

3. lots of relaxation

4. time AWAY

5. buffets

6. seeing the Mayan Ruins

7. snorkeling or maybe even learning to dive

8. the beach

9. the food

10. being together

The Simple Life

Often, the best things in life are the simple pleasures. Here are a few of my favorite summertime simple pleasures:

1. catching fireflies

2. making lemonade

3. sipping that lemonade

4. a letter from a friend

5. the splash of a pool

6. walking the dog

7. a package in the mail

8. getting a phone call from my son at camp

9. a bargain on summer sandals

10. hearing a child's laugh

Friday, July 6, 2007

Her Fab Life

Calling all urban, hip, trendy young women to take a moment in their cyber jaunts to check out this wicked new site, Her Fab Life . This is the place to go to find out what's hot and happening. Here are a few of my favorite things:

1. select your city to find out all you need to know about what is hot and happening in your area

2. find out the latest, up to date fashion news

3. be first to try out the newest restaraunts and bars

4. be the first to find out about new store openings

5. locate nearby new hotels and spas

6. be first to find out the hottest local happenings

7. get the latest scoop on the hot guy of the week

8. see what tips are available for your hot guy

9. FREE and easy to use

10. when you register, you can share your latest Fab Finds