Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rhapsody Crew Members

I wanted to share a few of my favorite crew members on board the Rhapsody. I was continually amazed at their energy level, their bright smiles and their never ending "pleasure" to serve. They were all truly an amazing crew and I really enjoyed my stay. They all deserve kudos. Here are a few of my favorites, who I had the chance to interact with (some to a limited degree):

1. Eric-the cruise director was a real high energy guy who really kept everyone's excitement going up until the last moment of the cruise. He was great!

2. Duncan-this is the really cute kid in charge of the rock climbing wall and the walk a mile activity. I had the pleasure to encounter Duncan almost every day. He was a very nice young man, and called me by name every time we interacted. What a doll!

3. Lilliana-our stateroom attendant. She kept everything just right for us and was a real sweetheart. We encountered her constantly keeping care of everyone in our wing and she was always wearing the biggest smile. Thanks Lilliana!

4. our table waiter-He is a very nice young man from Bali. Unfortunately, I cannot pronounce or spell his name. He was eager to serve and always aware of what we wanted to eat and had it ready to bring to us. We appreciate all the great service!

5. Adam-our assistant waiter. Another young man with a happy, and cute personality. This was his first trip and he did a fine job. He was always ready and willing to bring whatever we wanted, always had a joke up his sleeve, and stopped to talk to us when he was serving in the casual dining area as well. Great job, Adam!

6. Claire-This gal rocks! She is the on board trainer and kept us from gaining too much weight (we tried though!) She provided many free exercise classes and really worked us out during these times. You go girl!

7. Larry-I only encountered this waiter one morning at breakfast. He looked at me funny when I ordered some orange slices to go with my eggs benedict. But he brought me a whole plate full-of which I ate every one! Thank you Larry!

8. Vladimir-The same morning, he served with Larry. He took care of getting me my herbal tea. Just what I needed!

9. Zach-this guy is the one who provided much of the nightly entertainment. He was the MC for the game shows, did the tech work for karaoke, and kept tabs on the Love and Marriage game. Another high energy, fun loving crew member who helped us all have a great time!

10. Captain Anders-he did a great job on our trip. We did not feel much rocking of the boat. We got to many of our ports ahead of schedule. He was always good about communicating with us. Sadly, Captain Anders had to leave us on the second to last day of the trip. We had another good captain come to bring us home, but we missed the great communication Capt. Anders had with us. Thank you, Captain Anders!

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