Tuesday, December 4, 2007

what to get those who have everything

My husband and I were discussing a project idea. One of the things that came up is what do you get someone who has everything. Here are a few of my favorite ideas of what to give that special person who already has everything they want:

1. time-spend time with them just visiting or doing something you both enjoy

2. coupons-these are self made and are good to redeem for services you can provide (babysitting, car wash, etc)

3. home made goodies-this is one of my all time favorites; you can make anything-salsa, bread, ice cream

4. magazine subscription-for their favorite magazine, especially something just for fun

5. gift card for somewhere they love to visit-restaurant, symphony, etc

6. silver-this is a unique investment and now is an opportune time to buy

7. your favorite book-maybe they have never read your favorite book. if they say they don't have time to read, get it for them on tape

8. classic television-now days you can buy old TV programs-I Love Lucy, Andy Griffith, Gilligan's Island

9. photos-I love to give and get photos, especially if it is of a time we shared together and the photo is a great reminder of that occasion

10. a hand written letter-this can be a letter or poem or song written especially for that person, making it truly unique and meaningful

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