Monday, August 25, 2008

web hosting rating

As my sister and I have been doing a little more talking about owning our own websites (I already do, she is thinking about it), we have many questions. And yes, even though I already own a couple of websites, I am so new at it that I am still learning and need all the web hosting tutorials I can get! So I am happy to find websites that share info and knowledge about web host providers. Here are a few of my favorite things about one I recently found:

1. learn about Top Ten Providers

2. get the scoop on the Top Providers for 2008

3. get tips for choosing a domain name

4. find some truth about cheap web hosting

5. read articles related to topics I need to know about

6. learn about payment options for an e-commerce site

7. find the rating for my provider

8. advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting

9. discover options for multiple domain hosting

10. the info is free and available anytime!

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