Thursday, September 18, 2008

staying for the storm

It is always a tough dilemma to decide to stay through a major storm or to evacuate. Living in a zone of voluntary evacuation, we wavered a bit in trying to decide. In the end, we decided to stay, board up and ride it out. I am glad we did. Here are a few of my favorite things about staying:

1. neighbors pitching in to help prepare our homes

2. neighbors helping each other clean up

3. neighborhood cook outs each night following the storm (since we had no electricity, we had to cook all our food before it spoiled)

4. getting to know our neighbors better

5. working together to help our neighborhood and community recover

6. being here to clean up immediately after the storm passed

7. being able to clean out my fridge before it smelled too bad

8. the small gathering of church family following the storm

9. no traffic around town/very quiet!

10. we even slept with our front door wide open immediately following the storm!

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