Friday, January 4, 2008


There is a blogger I've virtually "known" for a while now. He goes by the name "Pinhole". He sure does have a way of seeing things and his blog is always lots of fun. I see that he is handing out awards again, or at least one to share. I wanted to share a few of my favorite things about Pinhole and his blog :

1. he is funny!

2. he is very talented

3. he has some great designs

4. he definitely has a perspective about everything that I would never have other wise seen

5. he is a good writer

6. always good for a laugh

7. and yet always makes you think too

8. he is a good story teller

9. his comments are as entertaining as his posts

10. reading his blog is free entertainment ;)


Pinhole said...

Thank you, Silken.

You're much too kind.

hifidel said...

And she said your comments are entertaining?


silken said...

nah, pinhole, love to read your blog, it really is fun!

yeah, hifi, I was expecting something a little more "snappy" from him.... :)

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