Sunday, April 20, 2008

Forbidden Gardens

We were able to visit Forbidden Gardens to see the replica terra cotta army and Forbidden City and learn some more about Ancient Chinese history. Here are a few of my favorite things we saw and learned:

1. the clay soldiers

2. learning more about the actual burial site of Emperor Qin

3. learning about the Forbidden City

4. walking through the model of the Forbidden City

5. seeing Ancient Chinese weapons

6. learning about Chinese architecture

7. learning about the city of Suzhou, it produces 96% of the world's silk

8. seeing shoes of women whose feet were bound, 3" long

9. the emperor ate with silver tipped chopsticks-the silver would react with any poisons in the food, turning the silver a different color

10. good tour guide


danny said...

Chinese culture and history is fascinating and mysterious. As China increasingly is seen as a growing business power, interest in learning the Chinese language had rocketed, and dominance of Chinese over English will be a long time coming. More and more people begin to learn Chinese, because here is clear career potential for the future. Chinese language education market will be prosperous.

silken said...

it is fascinating! ancient cultures always amaze me. it is really mind boggling all that the ancient chinese invented!