Friday, June 13, 2008

bad credit repair

Most of us who have been around any length of time know that bad credit is not a good thing. We also know that it is easy to fall into at certain times in our lives. Maybe just getting out of school, or paying school loans, or starting a family, or a job change or layoff, or unexpected medical bills has put a strain on your finances and your credit. Knowing how to repair credit is a good thing. And getting back on your feet with good credit is a great thing. Here are a few of my favorite things about bad credit repair:

1. having a good credit report

2. get approved for a home loan

3. no high interest rates

4. get a credit card, and with lower rates

5. get a car or truck loan

6. start a business

7. go back to school

8. low health insurance rates

9. lower auto insurance rates

10. credit repair just makes you look better!

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