Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It has been so long since I got my hair cut. Boy, I needed it. I was able to get in right away with my regular girl yesterday and I feel better. Here are a few of my favorite things about it:

1. not too short, not too long

2. cooler

3. off my neck

4. when swimming, it did not get into my eyes

5. not getting tangled so easily

6. can still pull it back if needed

7. I was able to get it done right away

8. my girl is back to work (she had been off to have a baby)

9. she has not changed her price for me in years!

10. looks so much better


Jerseygirl89 said...

I love haircuts - they always make me feel new and shiny.

silken said...

yes, it feels great, and it has been so long since I've had it done, I'd forgotten just how good it feels!