Tuesday, October 28, 2008

more ideas for any book study

Since we love book/literature studies, I like to have a lot of different ideas to use. And as children grow and change, it's good to give different things to try. Here are some more ideas to use with any independent book study:

1. write a poem (you can give a certain kind if desired-haiku, cinquain, etc) about a certain person or object in book

2. write a song about the story

3. write a book review

4. give an oral book report

5. draw a poster encouraging others to read the book

6. change the ending to the story (but must stay true to the story too)

7. compose theme music for the story

8. research the author and write a brief biography about him/her

9. make a word find or crossword puzzle about the story

10. make a character silhouette for one of the characters

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