Monday, November 3, 2008

and still more ideas for a literature study

As you can see, we have lots of fun with independent literature study units. This will be my last list for now of ideas to use with any book. Maybe some of my favorites will help you come up with some ideas too:

1. write interview questions for a main character or for the author

2. illustrate a favorite scene from the story

3. make a mobile of items important to the story

4. act out a scene from the story

5. before you finish the book, stop reading and write down your own ending for the story. Then finish reading the book to see what happens

6. create game show questions and answers about the book

7. A-Z sentences (write one sentence starting with each letter of the alphabet about the story. there will be 26 sentences.)

8. design a brochure/pamphlet for a location in the book

9. make up a test to give others about the book

10. make up game show or board game questions about the story

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