Saturday, January 10, 2009

lessons learned from training

In training for my half marathon, I learned some lessons about myself and about life. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. I can push myself and do more than I would have thought I could

2. and it could be fun too!

3. how running for five minutes and walking for one can be a pattern for living life. My mom made a commenton my blog about that. Just keep pushing along and go at it hard, step back for a short break, and then kick it in again. Seems like a reasonable way to push through life.

4. sometimes the pain will sideline you and you have to keep plugging along with what you can do.

5. I like to have a goal, something to reach for in my training. It helps with motivation and fun.

6. I like having the goals and challenges set before me.

7. I like the "freedom" of running

8. I like having all the pizza I can eat after a long run!

9. the goodies are a nice extra too

10. I like the idea of "Train hard, test easy".

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