Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More Honest Scrap

I got awarded another round of the Honest Scrap Award . I am to confess things others don't know about me. I doubt there is much else you don't know about me that I am willing to tell. I will share some random facts. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. I played basketball in high school, though quit after my sophomore year

2. I never took the SAT; just took the ACT and did not do too well on it

3. I like to play Scrabble

4. I won Best Memory awards at church camp growing up, but now can't remember much of anything!

5. I am the daughter of a preacher, now married to a preacher

6. I hate to iron

7. I hated Brownies (girl scouts) because it was all too "girly"; I now hate Ladies Retreats for the very same reason!

8. I don't play any musical instruments

9. nor can I carry a tune

10. I'm glad to be at the end of my list!


hifidel said...

Good list silken!
Thanks for playing along (again)!

silken said...

no problem!