Tuesday, March 9, 2010

airplane trip

They say that "getting there is half the fun," but when getting there means a flight of 22 hours it's hard to feel the saying is true! Though there was not much to love about the flight, here are a few of my favorite things about our recent air travel overseas:

1. Singapore Airlines has a very nice, friendly, professional staff

2. the tickets were the cheapest we'd seen

3. having our own tv screen at each seat

4. having a choice of what to watch (movies, tv shows, video games, even the in flight path)

5. a choice of music

6. with eight of us traveling we had the option of moving around and trading seats at whim

7. the multi-player function of some of the video games

8. they will change the seat if you throw up all over it!

9. though the food left much to be desired, snacks were offered at least once during the flight and drinks were offered regularly

10. all food and drinks and luggage included in the price

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