Sunday, March 14, 2010

marketing analytics

I don't know much about marketing. I do know enough to know that every company needs to analyze how effective each move is and if strategies are working for their particular business. I just came across a marketing tool geared for business to business companies. It is aimed at helping decide if the company's internet marketing strategy is working. Here are a few of my favorite things I read about Roi Analytics:

1. it is important to determine if a strategy is working for your company, how effective it is and how it can be improved

2. Roi collects and stores website visitor data including original search source, original keyword and visiting company data

3. these tools and modules help you organize and prioritize leads

4. it helps you follow up on missed opportunities

5. customizable reportshelp you evaluate where you are growing and where you need to grow

6. learn which keywords are generating business leads to your site

7. ability to tie specific dollar amount to specific marketing factor

8. all you need is a website with at least one working contact form

9. video tour, live demo and consultant all available

10. the entire program is FREE!

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