Tuesday, October 9, 2007

easy to make costume ideas

As Halloween approaches kids start making a list of costume ideas and parents scramble to get the costume all together. There are many costumes from which to choose. There are some really great easy and fun to make costumes as well. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. dalmation

2. bat

3. Rubik's cube

4. Lego

5. cow

6. cat

7. pig

8. hobo

9. pharaoh

10. scarecrow


Michelle said...

Hi. Could you help me with making the Pharaoh costume???


silken said...

sure, we did it real simply!

first we used a scrap of material and wrapped it around the waist. Then we made Pharoah's crowns. One is the double crown and one is the nemes. The boys colored/glittered card stock arm and wrist bands as well as the pectoral/chest piece. we also just used eyeliner to paint around the eyes for the kohl effect.

If you want to email me let me know so I can give you the address and I can try to give better instructions.

The instructions for making the crowns are in a book called Pyramids! that we borrowed from the library. I will also try to post pictures of that if you want....

hope this is not too late! as you see, we kept it really simple! good luck! :)

silken said...

Here is a link to the book so you can see what it looks like

silken said...

ok, Michelle, to help make it a little more understandable, I posted some picts along w/ better instructions here