Monday, November 19, 2007


I just finished reading the new book Lottery for an online book club discussion . The only thing I did not like about the book was the language. There were some very good things about the book. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Perry L. Crandall-he is the main character and I love his outlook on life and the simple wisdom he shares throughout the story

2. The author seems to have a real handle on the things she wrote about

3. The simplicity of the story

4. The way that some of the simple wisdom can really hit you smack between the eyes

5. The way Perry never gave up

6. The way that Perry's real friends treated him throughout the story

7. The poignancy of the story

8. It seemed real-this could really happen

9. It really makes you think

10. A good story


Merry Jelinek said...

Hi Silken,

I'm so glad you liked it - I should have thought to tell you about some of the off color language, it just didn't occur to me, I think because you get so into Perry's thoughts and he won't use that language himself and because it was fitting where it was used.

I hope you can stop in for the discussion - I think you'll really like Patricia and I just think it's fantastic when the author can participate - like Malcolm was able to at FF&F's discussion of The Sun Singer.

Hopefully I can get my odd link problem fixed on my blog by then. ;-)

silken said...

the story was good. I shared some of it w/ my family tonight. I understand about the language (I even mentioned some of that to my family) it is just hard for me to read that much of it (personal). I just hope I can remember everything when the discussion gets here! I do like the story and I do like Perry :)

It will be great to have the author discuss with us. I love how she is so knowledgeable about the things she wrote-sailing, people with disabilities, winning the lottery....very good story

Family Fun & Faith said...

I have been bidding on the book on ebay, and am next on the wait list at the library. It sounds like it willnot be a hard read, so I hope to have it finished by the time of the discussion.

silken said...

it is easy to read. guess I better get mine turned in so the next guy can start reading! :)