Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I am not too crazy about rodents-whether they can fly or not. But we have been reading about bats. I know they are good for the world, and they are pretty cool. Here are a few of my favorite things I've been learning:

click to enlarge this picture-you will see thousands of bats heading out at dusk to catch some insects-the large object is a hawk trying to catch some bats

1. eat insects

2. make nurseries to keep their babies

3. can make their tail membrane into a little basket to catch the pup when it's born

4. very cool to watch as they come out in droves at dusk

5. harmless

6. gentle

7. clean

8. almost all are rabies free

10. nearly 1000 species


Montucky said...

I like bats. We have them here in the summer, when they catch insects under our yard light. They also fly low overhead at night between my house and the river where there are lots of insects. It's always a high point in early summer when we see the first of them. I've never personally seen big swarms like that though. That's really nice to see!

silken said...

I am sure you would have loved this! It was very cool! and the hawk trying to catch his dinner was pretty amazing too!