Monday, April 26, 2010

Lonestar Olympic Triathlon 2010

Lonestar Olympic Triathlon 2010 was officially turned into a biathlon Saturday morning due to high winds. Although we were disappointed, the day was still good. Here are a few of my favorite things of the cycling portion:

1. meeting another triathlete whose blog I read!

2. seeing lots of "regular" people participating

3. volunteering at packet pick up

4. feeling strong on the bike/going faster than I expected

5. being able to pass other cyclists within 15 seconds!

6. knowing what to do when I got a flat tire!

7. having ironman support finish up the flat tire change!

8. catching up and passing other cyclists after getting my tire changed!

9. getting cheers from people in the town as we cycled past

10. feeling like the 25 miles went by pretty quickly!

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