Sunday, August 12, 2007

online auto insurance

My son is fourteen-and-a-half. He is learning to drive, slowly. My cousin gave us his old 1996 jeep, a five speed stick shift. My son loves it and is hoping it will be his, or at least we'll let him drive it. We told him he had to learn how first. He is doing a great job. So now, we have to look towards driver's ed and more insurance.

Buying car insurance for a teen will be a new step for us, and probably an expensive one. There are many places to search for online auto insurance quotes . Advantage Auto Quotes offers some options. Here are a few of my favorite things about that:

1. easy form to fill in

2. convenience of being able to get quote online

3. tips on ways to save money on teen driver auto policy

4. ways for seniors to save money

5. compare insurance quotes from big companies like AIG and Allstate

6. they do the leg work of searching and comparing the prices

7. they deliver the lowest and most competitive rates right to you

8. learn about GAP coverage policies

9. they work to bring you the lowest rates

10. read their informative tips online for ways to save money on your insurance

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