Thursday, August 23, 2007

U Follow

I have just learned about the DO FOLLOW campaign going around the internet. It is good for all our blogs and thankfully, jerseygirl put up a link which made it easy for me to follow. Here are a few of my favorite things about DO FOLLOW:

1. allows link love to be spread through the internet

2. it's good for your blog and mine

3. link love helps raise page rank

4. do follow allows comments to be followed on Google

5. comment links now "count"

6. gives readers incentive to comment

7. shows commenters you appreciate them

8. easy to turn off the NO FOLLOW with these instructions

9. makes me part of a "movement" (and get a cute badge too!)

10. I can help spread link love!

1 comment:

Coaster said...

I have just removed nofollow and put dofollow on backlinks and comments on my blogs.
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I hope it brings some visitors and comments.