Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Family Night

Every week we try to make sure we have at least one night dedicated to family activities. This usually occurs for us on Tuesday nights, as there are usually no other outside demands on our family on that night. Here are a few of my favorite things about family night:

1. fun together with just me and my family

2. playing games

3. creating memories

4. connecting with the kids

5. laughing together

6. watching the kids grow and progress in certain skills

7. relaxing together

8. a quiet night in

9. everyone gets a turn doing something they enjoy

10. there is so much to do , we'll never run out of ideas!


Patrick said...

It's great to spend quality time with your family, this is a nice list of things to do.

silken said...

thanks for stopping by Patrick. we love to do things together, from simple games, to kickball in the yard, or a night out "on the town"! It will be all too short before the kids are gone, so I try to treasure each time together...