Friday, September 7, 2007

Pictures of the Kids

Every year on our first day of school, I take some snapshots of the kids. I love doing this and it has become a tradition for us. My 14 yr old son even let me get a few of him before he left for his first day of high school. Here are a few of my favorite things about these photos:

1. it lets me see just how much the kids have grown each year

2. I can see how much change has taken place

3. a good way to hang on to the memories

4. when I am old, I will have photos to remind me of these special years

5. my kids' kids will love seeing these pictures

6. I have a great frame to keep one picture for every school year K-12

7. it's a fun tradition

8. it gets our first day of school off to a fun start

9. my daughter is learning to take some pretty good photos

10. it is a great way to share the kids' growth with out of town relatives

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