Saturday, September 22, 2007

RedHead Rants

Christine is a relatively new blogging friend of mine. I met her over at BlogSire's Place, and have loved her blog ever since. Here are a few of my favorite things about RedHead Rants :

1. it's a great place for a redhead to blow off some steam

2. she has a great sense of humor

3. her blog is fun and easy to read

4. she always responds to comments

5. she has some great info that she finds out in the cyber world

6. she has some other more serious blogs, but this is the one in which she "lets loose"

7. anytime she learns some new something, contest, blog tip, she is willing to share

8. we seem to have some similar interests

9. she is a workaholic, but still finds time to blog

10. she finally bought some new baking powder ! :)


sapheyerblu said...


Oh honey, that's so cool. I am really touched by this and will be doing the same for you. LOL

However, you could have left out the part about the baking powder. LOLOLOL

silken said...

my sis says this is a great way to fill those in between ad posts. so I thought I'd work on giving out some link love. glad you liked it...and no, I just could not leave out the part about the baking powder! :)