Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sue's Daily Photos

Another of my blogging friends that I've met here in this vast cyberworld is Sue . She is living a lovely life in Key West taking breathtaking photos which she is kind enough to share with us on her blog. Here are a few of my favorite things:

1. her lovely photos

2. her unique perspective in her many snapshots

3. an insider's view to a tropical paradise

4. she is ready to share her love of photography and her new home

5. she has emigrated from Switzerland and at times shares a bit of her past with us

6. she is super friendly

7. she always returns comments

8. she has given me some "inside" tips when we were considering maybe visiting Key West

9. she always has a kind word

10. she has finally revealed the secret to her "mystery photo"!


Susanne in Key West said...


Wow, Silken,
thanks so much for all these wonderful compliments! I didn't know that I'm such a friendly I just love people - and I met a lot of nice and such wonderful people in my life - like you and all the others out there!!!

Thank you for this review and the link-love to my blog. I really appreciate that!

silken said...

it was no problem to give you such link love.

I enjoy your blog a great deal and I appreciated the time you communicated with me about Key West, when we were deciding on a special trip. I truly hope to make it down there some day to meet you and see the lovely paradise you bring to us each day